Onze klant raakte meer en meer geďnspireerd door ons doen en kocht zich een XS650 Special (het choppertje) die reeds gecaferaceriseerd was, maar aan de foute kant van de authenticiteit. Hij liet ons de eer dit mooie project in ere te herstellen.

Under extreme hard construction !!!

SOLD !!!

Our fellow got more and more inspired by our way of riding and bought himself an XS 650 Special (the chopper...) that had been wrongly customised into something that didn't came ner the CR spirit. He left us the honor to rebuild it in his glory. That's it !

Our client got more and more inspired by our beings and bought himself a XS650 Spécial (the chopper version) that had been caféracerised, but on the wrong side of the borders of authenticity. He got us to save his glory !

Under extremely hard construction !

17 pictures in total

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